To create apps that need 5G “5G Apps of Tomorrow” of OnePlus program challenges developers

To create apps that need 5G “5G Apps of Tomorrow” of OnePlus program challenges developers

We’re solely 2 months into 2019 and you will already retch of hearing regarding 5G. There’s little doubt this can be progressing to be an enormous trend this year. All the most important players area unit throwing their hats into the ring. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Xiaomi Mi combine three 5G area unit simply one or two of the handsets we’ve seen to this point. OnePlus is at MWC with some 5G news similarly.

While OnePlus didn’t specifically have a 5G phone to indicate off, they’re partnering with Qualcomm and technology to launch “5G Apps of Tomorrow.” The program is meant to assist developers produce “the next nice apps for 5G.”

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau explained however he believes 5G can bear 3 stages of development. “5G 1.0” can improve knowledge transfer speeds, which is able to build cloud knowledge desire native knowledge. “5G 2.0” can start smartphones with additional mature AI that may connect with a wider vary of devices. The last era, “5G 3.0,” is once everything are interconnected and that we can have a “truly burden-less” expertise.

The “5G Apps of Tomorrow” program hopes to place less of the main target on 5G hardware and additional on the code, which is able to be equally necessary. The program challenges developers to form apps that may profit users within the 5G era. Developers will build pitches within the 5G forums on OnePlus’ web site. the highest five creators can then receive variety of prizes:

A paid-for trip to OnePlus military installation in Shenzhen to debate their plan with Pete Lau
A OnePlus 5G device
Access to 5G consultants via the OnePlus forums
Access to EE’s check atmosphere
Financial support for one year


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