Phantom White Xbox controller..

If you’re sick of your Xbox One controllers being too opaque and mysterious, then you’re in for a treat. The Xbox Wireless Controller — Phantom White Special Edition is on the way, and it looks like it’s about to disappear into the netherworld.

Announced during the latest edition of Inside Xbox on Tuesday, March 12, the Phantom White Xbox One controller is the second controller in the “Phantom” line after the Phantom Black controller. The buttons, sticks, and directional pad are all a light gray or white color, and at the bottom of the controller there is standard white plastic. As you move up, it turns translucent, allowing the gold mechanic pieces underneath to show through. There are still textured grips on the back so your hands won’t slip during long gaming sessions, or if the controller decides it wants to fully ascend into the great beyond.

“The design is the optimal blend of luxury and sci-fi, embodying a new slant on technical beauty,” Microsoft global product marketing manager Bree White said. “The controller reflects a sense of mystery with rich, neutral colors that fade away to reveal the technology inside.”

That’s a lot to take in for something you’ll barely look at while you’re actually using it, but it’s hard to deny that Microsoft denies some gorgeous controllers. Through the Xbox Design Lab website, you can fully customize your own personal controller, as well, changing the color of everything from the shell to the buttons.


As with alternative Xbox One controllers, the Phantom White version comes with a three.5mm input and Bluetooth support, therefore you’ll use it on your computer. this can return particularly in handy once Halo: The Master Chief assortment releases on the platform. it’ll be accessible piecemeal, starting with the prequel Halo: Reach and ending with 2012’s Halo four. Neither has been accessible on computer before, although the initial Halo: Combat Evolved has been.

The Xbox Wireless Controller — Phantom White Special Edition are going to be accessible for pre-order for $70 from retailers round the world starting on April two, and in bound regions, it’ll go along with a two-week trial to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.