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The vocabulary of tennis and the terms we use in talking about it.

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If you're carrying a racket and wearing a sporty visor, people will guess that you're on your way to play tennis. A racket has a handle and a rounded frame laced with strings, and it's used to hit a ball.

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badminton racket, badminton racquet, battledore. a light long-handled racket used by badminton players.

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To brandish something is to wave it about aggressively, as one might brandish a sword or tennis racket (if it's a particularly intense game)

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Tennis anyone? Tennis is a sport that's played with a small, felt-covered rubber ball and rackets.


The act of firing a projectile • the launching of a missile or spacecraft to a specified destination • a solid missile discharged ...


You also might return something to someone else: "I need to return the book she loaned me," or "He returns her smile across the ...


You might serve your family hamburgers for dinner, or serve the tennis ball.